Mission Statement

“Striving for Excellence”


In partnership with the students, parents, and the community of Myrnam, New Myrnam School actively promotes excellence in character, body, and mind for all individuals from ECS to Grade 12.  We will provide a safe and caring educational environment so students will develop the skills and interests for lifelong learning in our changing world.


New Myrnam School will provide a learning climate that enables students to be responsible, caring, creative, self-reliant, and contributing members of a knowledge-based, prosperous society. Its goals are:

  • To improve individual student achievement in all subjects with an emphasis on mathematics, language arts, science, social studies, and daily physical education.
  • To enhance the building of educational partnerships by providing parents and students with greater opportunities to select programs of their choice and to increase parent/community involvement.
  • To improve the coordinated delivery of educational services for special needs children.
  • To improve teaching and the delivery of educational services in our school.
  • To achieve increased efficiencies in the education system by restructuring the delivery of education.
  • To ensure that the education system is open and accountable.
  • To ensure that the education system provides for the cultural, linguistic, and religious diversity in our school and communities.
  • To provide opportunities for students to be physically active and competitive in sporting competition and training


At New Myrnam School we believe:

  • All children are unique
  • That education is a lifelong process
  • That education is a cooperative process between students, staff, parents, School Board and Central Office personnel, and the community
  • In providing a sound academic education, in a safe, caring, and positive environment
  • In a commitment to learning and personal growth
  • In a sense of community where everyone feels safe, welcome, and respected
  • Competition and training promote physical and mental health