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Home Economics

Our Home Economics program has many topics of study for students from grade 7 - 12.

Home Economics 7, 8, 9 (Junior High)

Our juniors begin the year with a sewing module where they learn skills to help them with their final project (aprons).

The second half of the year is a cooking module that teaches basic skills for successful meal planning.

Food Studies 10, 20, 30 (Senior High)

Students begin the year by completing their Alberta Health:  Food Safe Handling course (online) complete with certificates.  From here, the modular program has students choose a menu and plan, prepare and serve with a quality presentation in mind.

The seniors have also been a part of the Hot Lunch program as their delicious menus were served twice a month to the entire school.

Chopped Challenge!

Both seniors and juniors are challenged when basic "secret" ingredients are given to them as well as free-run of the pantry.  

In hopes to come out on top, students must get creative on taste and presentation as a panel of judges critique their prepared dishes!


Striving For Excellence

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