Staff Directory  (2019-2020)

Our Administration


Mrs. Adrienne Owen        Principal

Mrs. Danielle Eriksen      Assistant Principal 

Mr. Robert Tymofichuk    Assistant Principal

Support Staff


Head Secretary  -  Shelley Tymofichuk

Learning Commons (Library) / EA   -   D'Arcy Evans

Clerical Secretary / EA   -   Agatha Neufeld

Educational Assistant   -   Bonnie Dupuis

Educational Assistant   -   Helen Pashulka

Educational Assistant   -   Joanna Richards

Educational Assistant   -   Karen Zacharuk

Educational Assistant   -   Candice Crundwell 

EA / German-Mennonite Liaison   -   Susana Hildebrandt

Family School Liaison Worker   -   Kyla Dolejsi

Technology Coordinator   -   Daphne Couper

Renewable Energy Project Coordinator/EA Roxy Zahara 

Custodial Staff


Jason Breau   -   Head Custodian

Kelly Hitchcox   -   Custodial Helper

Bus Drivers


Fern Axley

Don Logan

Edith Seitz

Joanna Richards

School Board Trustee




Striving For Excellence

New Myrnam School

P.O. Box 160

Myrnam, Alberta

T0B 3K0

Phone:  780-366-3801  *  Fax:  780-366-2332

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