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Peer Support Group

Peer Support is a group that students from Grade 4-6 participate in, guided by our school's Success Coach and FSLW.  


Peer Support is committed to creating and supporting a healthy, safe and welcoming school.  Our goal is to support other students, and affect positive change inour school environment.  We believe a positive change in our school environment equals a positive change in our community. 


Using very broad "monthly themes", during our weekly meetings, we learn about a topic, and then think of and do activities related to that topic/theme, as well as how to teach/engage others (younger students/older students/adults) about what we have learned!  We work together as a team throughout the school year.

What Does a Success Coach Do?

Within a school based setting, the Success Coach will:

* facilitate mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention through universal and targeted programming

* make external referrals as required

* work to reduce stigma of mental illness by raising awareness and reducing barriers to service

* coordinate integrated services with community partners

* participate in  the Together We're Better project (local activities)

*participate in Mental Health Capacity Building Initiative (provincial acitivities)



Striving For Excellence

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