Principal's Message

On behalf of all the staff, I would like to welcome everyone back for another school year! 


We are very excited about this upcoming school year, as we have several new programs and initiatives happening at our school. In collaboration with The Village of Myrnam and The St. Paul Education Regional Division, we are in the process of building our new Construction Technology Education Center. Although this new center will not be ready until next year, the village has recently completed an addition to our existing shop facilities that has allowed us to expand our shop and CTS programs for this school year. New programming this year includes:


• Art and 3D Design (grades 5 - 12)

• Intermediate and Advanced Construction, including Cabinet Making and Furniture Building (grades 7-12)

• Custom Sign Designing and Plasma Cutting (grades 7-12)

• CNC Routing (grades 5-12)

• Horticulture and Gardening (grades 7-12)


In addition, we will still be offering existing CTS programming, including:


• Introductory Construction and Design (grades 7-12)

• Large-Scale Building and Construction (grades 9-12)

• MIG and Stick Welding (grades 9-12)

• Food Studies (grades 7-12)

• Robotics (grades 7 – 9)

• RAP program (grades 10 – 12). This program allows students to earn money and credits by working as an apprentice for certified mechanics, carpenters, etc. 


In addition to our excellent CTS programming, we continue to offer a full range of academic programming for students in kindergarten through grade twelve.  Our small class sizes and staff commitment to meeting the learning needs of every student have helped us make significant gains in our elementary, junior and senior high academic achievement. 


We are very pleased to welcome two new additions to our team this year. Mrs. Craine is our new grade one teacher, and she has several years experience teaching kindergarten and grade one in Elk Point Elementary School and Ashmont Elementary School. We would also like to welcome Mrs. D’Arcy Evans to our team. Mrs. Evans is our new librarian. Before joining our team, she worked as an IA and a librarian at Elk Point Elementary School. 


We are very much looking forward to working with all of our students, parents and the community during this upcoming school year. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call me at (780) 366-3801 or e-mail me at

New Myrnam School

P.O. Box 160

Myrnam, Alberta

T0B 3K0

Phone:  780-366-3801  *  Fax:  780-366-2332

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