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Mukluk Fun Day!

On March 3rd, the entire school took part in the annual Mukluk event. This event couldn't have happened on a more fantastic day as the weather cooperated perfectly just for everyone to enjoy!

Elementary students opened the morning events by introducing their teams with hand-crafted team posters and exciting team chants! Following this, the elementary students and part of the staff participated in many different indoor activities like Bench Relay, Human Hungry Hungry Hippo, Paper Skate, various Beanbag Relays, Shoe Scramble, Penguin Egg Carry and Over Under! The Jr/Sr High headed to the curling rink all morning for a Mini-Spiel. Just before lunch, the grade 5-8’s headed outside for a Water Boiling Challenge (students had to gather supplies to light a small bonfire and the first team to bring a can of frozen water to a boil wins). Everyone enjoyed an amazing Taco Salad Bar for lunch prepared and served up by our awesome Parent Council and Volunteers! This lunch was made possible by our Healthy Eating program which was newly launched by the Government of Alberta’s “Future Ready” initiative aimed at helping students prepare for a healthy future starting with proper daily nutrition. After lunch, the K-4’s enjoyed the beautiful weather outside with Snow Painting, Egg & Spoon Relay, Playground Obstacle Relay, Polar Bear Ice Flow Relay, Sidewalk Decorating and Seal Sneak. The Gr 5-8 teams competed against each other in a number of extremely active games of dodgeball and then against the staff! Our Sr High headed to the arena in the afternoon to see who was going to win the energetic game of broomball followed by some skating. As an afternoon snack, our Parent Council prepared for us freshly baked banana muffins and hot chocolate! This sure was a hit with everyone! To finish off the day, the K-4’s had a crazy game of Sock Mania while the Gr 5-8’s built snow sculptures. Thank you to our Parent Council and volunteer parents & grandparents for helping us make this year’s Mukluk another success!!!


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