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Just like many students in our school, our horticulture class has been preparing for our April showcase. Students split into two groups in order to plan for the future of our horticulture class. One group focused on the outdoor garden while the other focused on the greenhouse. There were many things to consider for the outdoor garden. Students had to consider where the garden would be located and what the plants would be planted in. The outdoor garden will be thriving throughout the summer, with that in mind the students are asking community members to get involved with the upkeep. On April 20th students in the horticulture class are inviting community members to learn more about our community garden and maybe even get involved!

Our indoor plants are also thriving. The tower garden has allowed us to quickly produce crops and we have already started to harvest! Horticulture students enjoyed a salad that contained lettuce, kale and bok choy from our tower garden and we are happy to announce that we will be using some of our crops at the showcase dinner! We hope to see you at our showcase from 4:00-6:00 pm on April 20th! We would also like to encourage you to get involved with our community garden! More details to come!

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