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2017 Cross Country Results

A GREAT day at the races!

Not one but two medals were awarded to our athletes at the

2017 SPAA Cross Country Championship event!

After weeks of dedicated training and conditioning led by Coach Eriksen, our amazing team headed to the Ross Lake Provincial Park area. The weather was perfect as the runners took to the trails with enthusiasm and heart! Runners experienced not only grassy trails, but were challenged to a range of hills, beach sand and other soft footing areas along with scenic paths through the woods!

Congratulations to ALL our Barons Athletes for making us so proud!!

The rankings:

A Boys (3km):

1st - Cameron Hyshka (Gold)

36th - Aidan Clyke

B Boys (2km):

8th - Lucas Dubelt

C Boys (2km):

7th - Wyatt Jacula

10th - Jakie Klassen

25th - Dymitri Myshaniuk

C Girls (2km):

2nd - Kyrstin Yaremchuk (Silver)

Elementary (2km):

Ava Machney & Lukas Myshaniuk (not officially timed)

Thank you to Mrs. Dolejsi for being a wonderful motivator alongside Mrs. Eriksen as she too trained with our athletes.

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