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Toonies for Terry

On September 28th, students and staff participated in the annual Terry Fox Run/Walk.

The event was organized by the PE 9,10,11,12 classes. Bailey Bannister & Tanisha Rahn created a video presentation as an educational tribute to our Great Canadian Hero, Terry Fox. As the students listened to Terry's story, there wasn't a sound to be heard throughout the gymnasium. To close the presentation, Mr. Riley our Phys Ed teacher, put into perspective the distances that Terry ran each day as compared to distances between our communities. To further the comparison, student Harlen Saskiw volunteered to have one of his legs immobilized, simulating the difficulty that Terry endured (for presentation purposes). Students and staff then enjoyed a run/walk throughout the village of Myrnam in support of Terry's Dream.

Thank you to everyone for all of their donations to the Toonies for Terry campaign.

$110 was raised on September 28th for the purposes of cancer research!

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