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Design Conference a Huge Success at NMS!

Yesterday New Myrnam School's junior high students participated in a design conference for our Sustainable Greenhouse and Garden project. They have been hard at work on the following projects:

- Grade 7 - challenged with heating the greenhouse for as much of the calendar year as possible, extending our growing season.

- Grade 8 - harvesting rain water and creating a pump system to water the plants growing inside the greenhouse.

- Grade 9 - creating an aquaponics system so that we can grow vegetables without using any soil.

At the conference, student representatives from each grade got to share their ideas with each other and collaborate on their various projects. They were also able to collaborate with many experts, including:

- Mr. Rob Baron, instructor of renewable energy and conservation at Lakeland College.

- Mr. Scott Crundwell, construction expert.

- Mr. Brian Rozmahel, agriculture and greenhouse expert from Viking, AB.

- Mr. Robert Tymofichuk, technology coach at St. Paul Education Regional Division.

We are very thankful that these experts were able to take time out of their busy schedules to share their knowledge with our students for an afternoon! Thank you for all of your help in making the day such a HUGE success! It was great to see students so interested and engaged throughout an entire afternoon, and the discussions were amazing to be a part of!

Students are now busy working on their final project design proposals, which they will be presenting on Thursday October 19th from 12:30 - 2:00 pm. We would like to invite parents and guardians to the presentations to see what the students have planned for our school's greenhouse!

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