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Junior High Students Present their Final Project Proposals for the Sustainable Greenhouse Project

On Thursday October 22nd the junior high students at NMS presented their final proposals for the Sustainable Greenhouse Project, made possible from our $10,000 BP A + for Energy grant that we received. After last week's design conference where students had the chance to share their ideas with each other and receive feedback from their teachers and a panel of community experts, they put together their final project proposals. They presented them in the library to the school community.

The grade seven project proposal, heating and regulating the temperature of the greenhouse to extend our growing season, can be found here:

The grade eight proposal, which involves creating an irrigation system for the greenhouse using rainwater and solar energy, can be found here:

The grade nine project, creating a hydroponic system to grow foods for the school breakfast and lunch program without using soil, can be found here:

We can't wait to see our students put their plans into action!

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