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Lest We Forget

On November 10th, students, staff, special guests and community gathered to honour those that have served and continue to serve on behalf of us all for our continued peace and freedom.

Our solemn program began with the introduction of our special guests followed by the reasons as to why we should observe Remembrance Day and more importantly, why we need to remember. There were photos and musical videos that helped us understand what our soldiers went through back then and what they are experiencing in areas of the world even today.

Following the sounding of the bugle of the Last Post, the moment of reflection during the Silence and once again the bugle signalling the Reveille, we heard from Mrs. Godziuk's Music 3, 4, 5 and 6 classes as they sang "In Flanders Fields". A poetic recitation was made by Hellen Briggs "Why Wear a Poppy?" Mrs. Godziuk's grade 2 class then took turns telling us "What Peace Means to Me".

The Laying of the Wreaths invited community organizations and classrooms to approach the cenotaph and take a respectful moment to remember those who were lost in the battles. Our National Anthem could be heard throughout the school as everyone sang with pride and a feeling of freedom that was given to us to uphold. As everyone exited at the close of the ceremony, individuals had the opportunity to lay their own Lapel Poppy at the cenotaph.


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