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On the First Day of Christmas...

Let the Christmas games begin!

December 7th was the First Day of Christmas at New Myrnam School and it was a day where creativity and decorating skills were tested! The challenge was... Door Decorating! Each grade was tasked to make their classroom door as festive as can be!

Our judges had a very difficult time determining which door would named the Best Door, but after “many hours” of deliberating the results and points were as follows:

1st: Gr 2 (5pts);

2nd: Gr 5 (4pts);

3rd: Gr 9 (3pts);

4th: tie between Gr 3 & Gr 7/8 (2pts each);

5th: all other doors (each getting 1pt)!

Great job everyone as each door is definitely unique from others!


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