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On the Tenth Day of Christmas...

December 20th was our Tenth Day of Christmas activities! Today students and staff were taking part in the Reindeer Games! This was played like musical chairs, with a twist!

As the music played, participants moved around the gym, but when it stopped.... well, it was a scramble to get into position! Some of the positions were pretty tricky to hold steady which made the total number of teams dwindle quickly to the final winning teams.

"Santa's Toy Bag" meant holding your teammate like a big sack of toys while "Ride Your Reindeer" had one teammate pretending to be a reindeer as the other crawled up and tried to kept their feet from touching the floor. The final and most difficult was "Santa's Sleigh". One teammate was the sleigh and balanced the other teammate on top with each using their knees and hands if they could. Great job everyone!


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