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In the Spirit of Christmas

Our Christmas Concert

New Myrnam School was filled with families, friends and community on Tuesday night, Dec 19th. This was an evening of awesomeness as our elementary students took to the stage for our annual Christmas Concert. Under the guidance of our music teacher, Mrs. Vanessa Godziuk, and fellow teachers and support staff, the students practiced and rehearsed the songs, their lines and their parts to perfectly perform the story of 'Papa Panov', an elderly cobbler who was to be alone Christmas Eve.

In the story, Papa had a dream of Jesus coming to visit him, but was told that he must pay attention so that he would not miss him. Throughout the day, Papa was visited by different people who needed his help as he awaited his special guest. By day’s end, Papa felt his dream was just a dream. Then, the voice of angels spoke to Papa and as they let him know that he truly was visited by Jesus in each and every person that Papa helped during the day.

There were many songs sung by the students as a class or as individuals throughout the evening. Each hitting every note. As a finale to the evening's performance, the Music 5/6 class performed "Hallelujah" and left our guests in awe. Thank you to Santa for making a special appearance and listening so intently to the Christmas wishes of all the children. Thank you also to our Parent Council for the treat bags that Santa handed out for all the boys and girls.


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