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New Myrnam School Wins Their Second #APlusForEnergy Grant!!!

We are very excited to announce that New Myrnam School has received their second straight #APlusForEnergy grant for $5000!! Next year's project will involve all of our students in grades 4 - 12, and they will be studying different forms of renewable energy, including solar power, wind power and biofuel. Depending on each grade's science and math curriculum, students will be split into teams, and each team will study one of the above-mentioned types of renewable energy. Students will design systems that create power for our outdoor classroom space. They will be looking to see which source of energy is the most efficient and cost effective. Our students will then be required to summarize their results and make a presentation to the Village of Myrnam. Their presentation will include a recommendation about how the village can proceed with adopting renewable energy for their new CTEC facility. We would like to thank Inside Education for providing us with this grant - we can't wait to get started with our next project!

You can see the big announcement for next year's project here:

You can also check out what last year's junior high students did with our first grant. Their project was titled Sustainable Greenhouse and Garden:

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