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Grad 2018!

New Myrnam School proudly presents

our newest Graduate!

Congratulations Miss Morgan Evans

as she is our honoured Class of 2018!

Morgan was welcomed into our Baron Family two years ago, and within those two years has become a confident and driven young lady. A true Baron. She gets involved wherever she sees a place to lend a hand. She is a strong leader in ways that have shaped our student success. She is also a positive and encouraging mentor to her fellow peers through many educational support programs held within our Learning Commons.

Morgan has played an integral part of our horticulture program from its beginning to its full success that it is today. Through her guiding and teachings to her peers of proper planting, caring, harvesting, arranging and marketing techniques, this program will continue to prosper within our school program.


We wish you the very best that life has in store for you! With your motivation and drive, you will be able to achieve anything you set your mind too. Our school has become a far better place from the many roles you played while here at NMS and we are so very proud of you!

Sincerest Wishes from the

Staff & Students of New Myrnam School


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