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School Start Date Changed to September 8, 2020

August 24, 2020

With student and staff safety and well-being at the center of all decisions, the first official day of school for students will now be adjusted to Tuesday, September 8, 2020 rather than September 2, 2020. This decision aligns with the Education Minister’s recent statement that school boards have the ability to delay school start dates should they decide that is in their local best interest.

St. Paul Education firmly believes that a delayed start will give the additional time needed to finalize preparations for the new school year in these unusual circumstances. This Board-approved decision to delay the first day of school will also ensure that teachers and staff have an opportunity to review the COVID-19 guidelines, set up classrooms and schools to support physical distancing, and adjust lesson plans to support students and families who have chosen at-home learning.

Students will still have the time required to meet all of their learning outcomes and the September 21 PD day will now become a regular school day.

Tuesday, September 8

First day for approximately 50% of the students*

Wednesday, September 9

First day for the remaining students* (approx. 50%)

Thursday, September 10

All students attend

*Kindergarten students will also have a staggered entry starting on Tuesday, September 8.

Each school will inform parents which day their child(ren) is expected to attend by Friday, August 28.

These adjustments will allow students, staff and families to become familiar with and adjust to the many new health measures and routines that have been implemented.

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