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Contact Tracing and Public Reporting of COVID-19 Cases is Returning to our Schools

October 6, 2021

Yesterday, Alberta Education and Alberta Health Services (AHS) announced they will be reinstating contact tracing protocols and the reporting of COVID-19 cases within our schools. The specific guidelines, including the notification process and who has to isolate and for how long, are still under development at the government level. We have been told the guidelines will be released next week. Once they become available, we will update our plan accordingly and share the information with you.

Parents can now check this AHS link for the list of alerts and outbreaks reflecting individuals who tested positive and were infectious while at school, as reported directly to AHS by parents. As such, our school division was not privy to the information.

To view the announcement from Tuesday, October 5, please click here.

We thank you once again for your continued support and patience as we navigate this change in direction.

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