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Information For Parents Regarding Shift to At-Home Learning

On May 4, 2021, the Alberta Government introduced a series of new COVID-19 measures that will impact various sectors in our communities and across the province. The following changes to education will be implemented under the direction of Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health.

Grades K-12

  • Move to at-home learning starting Friday, May 7

  • Resume in-person classes Tuesday, May 25

We acknowledge the many challenges we face in our community during these unprecedented times. The health and safety of our entire community are paramount and we wish the best for everyone. If you or your child is feeling overwhelmed or if you are experiencing any difficulties with the technology or programs being used during this learning at home period, please contact your school administration.

Our commitment continues to be to keep our community and families informed. We sincerely appreciate everyone’s patience at this time.

Health and Well-Being of our Students

Please understand we recognize that these latest changes will increase demands on children and families, and at this time everyone’s health and well-being is more important than ever. Our schools will be offering quality programming specific to different grade levels, but out of respect for each individual family’s circumstances, our commitment as a division is to work with you and provide modifications (technical support, lighten the load, etc.) as required. If there are concerns with workload, ability to complete the work required, etc., please contact your child’s teacher or school’s administration to discuss options.

Mental Health supports (e.g., FSLWs and Success Coaches) will continue to be available and our counsellors will continue to contact students/families to provide support. Please call the school as needed.

We know that parents are busy, but we would ask that you please check in with your child regularly to see how they are doing. Once again, if there are any concerns whatsoever, please let your school know.

Academic Programming

Grades K-6 students

  • Alberta Education has directed that schooling for K-6 students should focus on literacy and numeracy.

  • One hour of literacy instruction per day (will include both instruction and student work time).

  • One hour of numeracy instruction per day (will include both instruction and student work time).

  • The portion that involves direct instruction in literacy and numeracy will be recorded for students to view at an alternate time as needed.

  • One physical activity session open to all grade levels K-6 offered every day.

  • One other block of alternate instruction will be offered daily. This will be a general interest, cross-curricular activity (not necessarily grade-specific). Each school will provide a daily schedule of alternate activities. (e.g., Music, Social Studies, Art, Science, etc.)

  • With respect to all items listed above, each school will provide scheduling specific to their school.

Please Note: Some schools that have teachers instructing in both elementary and junior high classes may have to provide alternate schedules.

Grades 7-12 students

  • Alberta Education has directed that schooling for grade 7-12 students should be ‘business as usual’.

  • The regular student timetable and bell times will be followed exactly.

  • Regardless of subject, every teacher lesson will be synchronous and delivered ‘live’. Every subject that the student currently takes now will