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Update on Grade 7-12 At-Home Learning

On November 24, 2020, the Alberta Government introduced a series of new COVID-19 measures that will impact various sectors in our communities and across the province. The following changes will be implemented under the direction of Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health.

As our grade 7-12 students will temporarily shift to Scenario 3, our goal is to offer a full range of both live and recorded lessons for every subject to ensure that all our students have access to everything they would have learned in a normal school day. As you will see in our attached Scenario 3 plan, we have exceeded the minimum standards in order to maintain our commitment of offering the most comprehensive education possible.

Please understand we recognize that having your children on-line all day can be very demanding. Should you have any challenges or specific concerns, please call your school administrator to discuss.

Scenario 3: At-Home Learning

Grades K-6 students

  • Continue in-person learning to Dec 18

  • Winter/Christmas break Dec 21 to Jan 3

  • Move to at-home learning for the week of Jan 4 to Jan 8

  • Resume in-person classes Jan 11

Grades 7-12 students

  • Move to at-home online learning Nov 30 to Dec 18

  • Winter break Dec 21 to Jan 3

  • Continue at-home online learning Jan 4 to Jan 8

  • Resume in-person classes Jan 11


St. Paul Education Grade 7-12 At-Home Learning Guidelines

  • The regular student timetable and bell times will be followed exactly.

  • Regardless of subject, every teacher lesson will be synchronous and delivered ‘live’.

  • All staff will continue to report to school every day.

  • Every subject that the student currently takes now will continue to be delivered.

  • The lessons will also be recorded and posted to the Google Classroom within 24-48 hours for students to watch at an alternate time.

  • For students/families with issues like internet connection, internet access, lack of available technology, etc., schools will provide the necessary alternate arrangements. Please contact your school.

  • Over the next two days of school, teachers will be going over Google Classroom instructions with their students.

  • The teacher and the educational assistant (if assigned to class/students in grade 7-12) will provide ‘live’ instruction to students and then will be available to provide individualized support to students for the duration of the period length.

  • The EA will join the virtual classroom and provide support as normal.

  • Attendance will be taken in every class as usual.

  • Please see below At-Home Learning Code of Conduct for more information.