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Student Homework/Online Learning

All students accessing education through technology are subject to the Acceptable Technology Use Agreement and Computer User’s Code of Ethics signed during registration. This agreement continues to be in force while students continue their education at home.  Students who fail to act in accordance with the Agreement and Code of Ethics may be denied electronic access to education through SPERD. In such a case, educational materials will be provided on paper. It is the responsibility of parents and guardians to monitor student technology use outside of the school.

Career Counsellor


Our Teachers
Amanda Chornopyski       
ECS Home Room, PE 1-4, Math 3-4, Science 6, MOHC Math 4-6

Vanessa Godziuk             
Grade 1/2 Home Room

Megan Saruk                     
Grade 3/4 Home Room 

Jodine Benning                 
Grade 5/6 Home Room

Danielle Eriksen               
Bio 30

Susana Hildebrandt        
German Language & Culture 1-3, 4-6, 7-9

Alyssa Kalynchuk             
Social 7/8, ELA 7/8, Social 10/20

Leslee Morrison               
Math 9, Science 9, Math 10, Math 20/30, MOHC Science 9

Cody Riley                         
PE: ECS-12, Health 7-9, Fitness 20/30

Robert Tymofichuk         
Science 9, CTF 5/6, CTF 7-9, Math 20-2/30-3, CTF 10/20/30

Britney Urichuk               
Math 7, Foods 20/30, Science 7-8, MOHC Science 7/8, MOHC Math 7-9

Moriah Ostropolski         
Math 8, CTF 7-9, Science 10, Physics 20

Kaitlyn Ladret                
English 30, Social 9, English 9, CTS 10/20/30, MOHC ELA 7-9



Striving For Excellence

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