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New Myrnam School is a small rural school with rich traditions and character. Our teachers use a collaborative, project based approach to learning. We help our students grow their character, expand their minds, and build the skills necessary to become caring global citizens.


Geographically and demographically, New Myrnam School serves students located within the community of Myrnam and surrounding rural areas, as well as students from different regions in the province through online learning programs. Approximately 30% of our student population identify as Mennonite. In 2018, Myrnam Outreach and Homeschool Centre was established in order to provide increased choice in educational programming to students in our area and beyond. For the past several years, our school has focused on hands-on learning in trades education and CTF/CTS to increase student engagement. We have also adopted a project-based approach to learning in core courses which allows for authentic learning experiences and assessments to guide instruction.

In 1995, parent and community stakeholders initiated the amalgamation of five school boards into what is now St. Paul Education. In doing so, St. Paul Education became the only school division in Alberta to operate both separate and public schools under one board. The Division’s religious, linguistic and cultural diversity is a source of strength and pride. The programming offered at New Myrnam School and Myrnam Outreach and Homeschool Centre is a natural extension of St. Paul Education’s inclusive and diverse makeup.


We serve about 190 students (K-12), including Mennonite, Online Learning, and Home Education students. Our two school sites are staffed by 13.25 FTE teaching staff and 14 support staff including secretaries, educational assistants, custodians, librarians, maintenance personnel, liaison workers, and technicians.


Never let schooling interfere with your education.


This is a place where all students are welcome and belong. We are a compassionate school community that inspires our students to accomplish their goals and achieve their personal success. 


Our students are ethical citizens, critical thinkers, and leaders of tomorrow.


  • We value students first.
  • We value life-long learning.
  • We value high-quality teaching and service from all those who care for and support our students.
  • We value authentic opportunities for learning and preparing students for the world.
  • We value safe, welcoming, and caring environments. When a student is in the greatest need we will provide the greatest support.
  • We respect the rights and beliefs of others to make decisions about their own lives while treating everyone with the highest degree of dignity and fairness.
  • We value genuine relationships with students, families, staff, and communities.
  • We value the uniqueness of all and respect cultural, linguistic, spiritual, and religious diversity.
  • We value collaboration, open communication, and transparency.
  • We value integrity and we are accountable.


At New Myrnam School we believe:

  • all children are unique.
  • that education is a lifelong process.
  • that education is a cooperative process between students, staff, parents, School Board and Central Office personnel, and the community.
  • in providing a sound academic education, in a safe, caring, and positive environment.
  • in a commitment to learning and personal growth.
  • in a sense of community where everyone feels safe, welcome, and respected.
  • competition and training promote physical and mental health.

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Programs and Services

New Myrnam School is an ECS to Grade 12 school that has a strong academic program with small class sizes. We have 12 FTE teaching staff, approximately 12 FTE support staff and one part-time custodian. We also have many parent and community volunteers working with us each day to help us provide the rich programs and activities our students enjoy.

St. Paul Education Regional Division provides bussing services and most of our students are bussed in on four buses.  Our school is located in a rural setting with agriculture being our main industry.  Many people also work for oil and gas companies, the Windsor Salt plant, and the local Senior’s lodge. Myrnam’s attendance area includes the villages of Myrnam, Derwent, Beauvallon, and Morecambe. We have a strong and active School Council, which meets monthly to support activities at our school.

New Myrnam School offers a complete academic program providing students with the skills necessary to be successful with the many challenges of everyday life.  We have a German/Mennonite program that offers German language and Mennonite culture instruction as an option for Mennonite students from grade 1 to grade 9.  The staff is committed to fulfilling the educational needs of all students.  This commitment is in cooperation with the parents and the various communities of New Myrnam School.


  • 1-1 chromebook access for students in grades 4-12
  • School wide Wireless access for Student Owned Devices
  • Computer laboratory
  • Science laboratory
  • Home Economics laboratory
  • Fully-equipped Industrial Arts laboratory
  • Comprehensive Distance Education center
  • Northern Lights Public Library and School Library
  • Gymnasium (hardwood floor) accommodates two volleyball courts
  • Wheelchair accessible and elevator


  • Alberta Core ECS to Grade 12 Curriculum
  • Special Education Program
  • IPad access for all students in grades K-3
  • Early Childhood Services Program
  • AR Reading Program
  • Early Literacy Program
  • Striving For Excellence Program
  • Student Counselling
  • Career and Technology Services
  • Safe and Caring Schools Program
  • Daily breakfast program from K -12